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Health & Safety Training

We specialise in training courses related to discharged body fluids otherwise known as bio-hazardous waste. We offer five standard courses which cover differing aspects of biohazard safety. We will also design a course to meet specific requirements. The principal objective of each course is the same, namely, to minimise or eliminate the spread of infection from blood-borne pathogens in accord with current laws and regulations.


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Bio First Aider

  • Decontamination of marginal biohazard scenes
  • 2 day course duration

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  • Become certified to purge category 1 to 4 incidents that cover Crime, Fatality & Trauma Scenes
  • 5 day course duration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bloodborne pathogens?
A pathogen is an agent or micro-organism such as bacterium or a virus that can cause disease or prove fatal.

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Categories of Incidents

There are four categories of incidents covered in the training programme. They cover situations from major disasters to DIY accidents in the home.

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Laws & Regulations

The management, cleaning, handling, transporting, storing and disposal of clinical waste (biohazard waste) are governed by well defined laws.

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